Board of Trustees

World Agroforestry operates under the authority of a legally constituted Board of Trustees, charged with overall responsibility for the work of the Centre. The Board of Trustees has diverse skills in the areas of agroforestry science, natural resources management, audit, finance and risk management, policy and governance.

The Board of Trustees’ primary mandate is providing governance oversight in ensuring the Centre functions to the highest standard to execute its mission. In order to do this effectively, the Board of Trustees has delegated the day-to-day management of the Centre to the Director General who is assisted by the Senior Leadership Team.

The Board of Trustees plays a number of crucial roles including:

  • Appointing the Director General who serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Centre;
  • Approving the Centre’s strategy, plans, and the annual programme of work and budget;
  • Monitoring the Centre’s progress towards achieving its objectives;
  • Ensuring financial integrity and accountability;
  • Providing oversight of investments and disposal of major assets;
  • Approving personnel policies and all other policies;
  • Monitoring the legal implications of the Centre’s activities;
  • Appointing the external auditors; and
  • Monitoring the performance of the Board as a whole and that of its individual members.

The Board of Trustees currently comprises the following Committees:

  • Executive Committee,
  • Programme Committee,
  • Operations Committee,
  • Finance and Resource Mobilisation Committee,
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee, and
  • Nominations and Governance Committee

Board Members

Ms. M Claire O'Connor

Board Chair, Chair, Executive Committee & Ag Chair, Finance and Resource Mobilisation Committee

Prof. Lisa Sennerby Forsse

Vice Chair and Chair, Programme Committee

Mr. Alexander Müller

Chair, Operations Committee

Ms. Bushra Naz Malik

Chair, Audit and Risk Management Committee

Mr. Vijai Sharma

Chair, Nominations and Governance Committee

Dr. Milton Kanashiro

Board Member

Ms. Wanjira Mathai

Board Member

Dr. Doris Capistrano

Board Member

Dr. José Joaquín Campos Arce

Ex-Officio, Chair of CIFOR Board

Prof. Hamadi Iddi Boga

Ex-Officio, Government of Kenya Representative

Prof. Tony Simons

Ex-Officio, ICRAF Director General

Ms. Christine Larson - Luhila

Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Senior Governance Advisor