Corporate documents

World Agroforestry Centre Strategy 2013-2022
The Strategy guides our work through to 2022 and defines who we are, what we do, why and how we do it, and where we undertake our research. It outlines how we will respond effectively to emerging challenges while focusing on our long-term goals.

Medium-term Plan 2010-12
This rolling three-year plan outlines how we will implement our research agenda. It is reviewed annually in the context of current developments, priorities and strategies, and the context of future requirements and opportunities.

Annual Report 2014-2015
The 2014-15 Annual Report highlights some of the key achievements and research activities of the organization including sustainable land management, biofuels research and the importance of public-private partnerships.It also covers the role of agroforestry in improving food security in developing countries and some of the mitigation strategies that ICRAF has put in place to tackle climate change.

Audited Financial Statements 2015
In addition to presenting the Centre's financial position, this document reports on our corporate governance and corporate social responsibility activities as well as analyzing the Centre's performance over the past five years.

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