Management team

Senior leadership team

Tony Simons

Director General

Idah Ogoso

Acting Director of Human Resources

Ravi Prabhu

Deputy Director General -Research

Ben Boxer

Director of Corporate Services

Elizabeth Kariuki

Executive Manager

Theme Leaders

Lars Graudal

Co- Leader, Tree Productivity and Diversity

Ramni H. Jamnadass

Co- Leader, Tree Productivity and Diversity

Peter A Minang

Leader, Greening Tree Crop Landscapes

Keith Shepherd

Leader - Land Health Decisions

Fergus Sinclair

Leader, Resilient Livelihood Systems

Regional coordinators

Rizvi Javed

Regional Coordinator - South Asia

Jeremias Mowo

Regional Coordinator - Eastern & Southern Africa

Zacharie Tchoundjeu

Regional Coordinator - West and Central Africa

Jonathan Cornelius

Regional Coordinator - Latin America

Jianchu Xu

Regional Coordinator - East & Central Asia

Ingrid Öborn

Regional Coordinator - Southeast Asia