Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Korea to fund agroforestry project in Philippine province

Smallholder farmers in the Philippine province of Quirino will benefit from new livelihood activities, including agroforestry, as part of a project funded by the Korean Government.

Nigeria’s efforts for the Great Green Wall

The Nigerian state of Katsina is raising 2.5 million seedlings each year to combat desertification and play its part in the Great Green Wall initiative.

Ecological approaches needed for nutrition and food security

Food will become less nutritious in a changing climate, according to a new study by Harvard University, which makes it all the more important to find ecological approaches to agriculture.

Viet Nam could profit from Macadamia

Venturing into Macadamia production could help farmers in Vietnam increase their incomes.

Climate-smart farms

Climate-smart farms are showcasing how farmers can adapt to a changing climate while maintaining yields and livelihoods.

Study highlights massive benefits from diversification and new technologies

The results of a study in Uganda and India show that by shifting agricultural policy to encourage crop diversification and use of new water and energy saving technologies, water use and energy cost

Improving the scientist’s policy pitch

Researchers and communicators had the opportunity to pitch policy recommendations to a panel during the recent Land

Can trees on farms sustain India’s paper industry?

While the paper industry in India now sources more wood from farmers than from forests, it is still demanding access to forest resources, reports Down to Earth website.

Philippine coffee farmers to be rewarded for conservation

A US company will trial a Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) scheme in the Philippines that will reward coffee farmers for conserving biodiversity, soil and water resources and sequestering carbo

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