Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Collective action secures fuelwood supply for Ugandan women

An article in New Vision tells the story of how rural women in Uganda have worked together to ensure an ongoing supply of fuelwood through agroforestry.

Traditional agroforestry system lives on in Tanzania

The traditional Kihamba agroforestry system in Tanzania is the subject of a radio program on Deutsche Welle (DW).

Minimizing ‘intermediary’ costs

In environment and development initiatives, criticism often focuses on how a large part of the funding goes to ‘technical intermediaries’ instead of to the people who need it.

Agroforestry in Cameroon: transforming livelihoods and landscapes

Free Speech Radio News profiles how agroforestry is increasing incomes for rural farmers in Cameroon while protecting the Congo Basin and helping to fight climate change.

Unilever strives for sustainability with indigenous tree

An article in Yahoo News explains how global food company, Unilever, is collaborating with scientists and farmers to provide a market for oil found in the seeds of the Allanblackia tree, i

Research shows how local shrub is increasing food production

Researchers from the World Agroforestry Centre have shown how leaves from the shrub, Tithonia diversifolia, can help boost soil fertility, leading to improved food production and less reli

The challenges in upscaling climate-smart agriculture

An article in the Solutions Journal explains that while climate-smart agriculture (CSA) helps to address land degradation, food security and climate change, there are numerous challenges t

Fighting desertification with agroforestry in Pakistan

Pakistan has introduced a new National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) which is aimed at stemming biodiversity loss, restoring ecosystems and promoting the sustainable use of natural

Powering east Africa with agroforestry

The Guardian reports on a joint endeavor to increase access to clean energy in sub-Saharan Africa while providing “hands-on tools for sustainable agriculture using agroforestry”.

Philippines establishes model agroforestry farm

A model agroforestry farm in the Philippines aims to serve as an educational and training center that will help to increase farmers’ incomes, promote conservation and stabilize watersheds.

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