Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Study shows benefits of agroforestry outweigh costs

Economic valuations of sustainable land management practices in Jordan, Mali and Sudan have found that in all cases, benefits outweigh management and implementation costs.

New book on sustainable management of mountain soils

In this, the International Year of Soils, the FAO has released a new book on the sustainable management of mountain soils.

Joint action to protect wildlife in the Congo Basin

Several organizations have combined to release a statement of intent to save Africa’s threatened wildlife, especially in the Congo Basin.

What it will take to better manage our land

“How do we manage land better?” asks Dr.

New agricultural research centre for the Congo

The wheels have been set in motion to establish a Congo Basin Institute which will tackle some of the most critical issues in the region, including water, health, food security and climate change a

Underground forests sprout hope for African farmers

An article in the East African explains how farmers in many countries in Africa are benefiting from managing trees that emerge on their land from ‘underground forests’.

Toward sustainable natural resource use in Rwanda

Our natural resources are not being managed sustainably and joint policy action is needed to achieve sustainable food security for all, says an opinion piece in Rwanda’s New Times.

Vietnam promotes agro studies

Students of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Vietnam will benefit from a planned funding injection of US $3.3 million, reports an article in BaoMoi.

Sahel benefits from higher rainfall and natural regeneration

Climate change in the Sahel region of Africa is currently having a positive impact - increasing rainfall and therefore boosting harvests - but scientist warn the situation is only temporary.

Indigenous people should have the right to practice shifting cultivation

A new publication calls for better recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights to practice shifting cultivation in Asia-Pacific to ensure food security.

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