Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Sustainable agriculture the focus of African forum in 2015

“The long-standing health of South Africa’s agricultural sector depends on the sustainability of farming methods,” says an article in Insurance Gateway Zambia.

Youth leading the way in agroforestry

Youth around the globe are taking leadership in protecting their environments and advocating for ecosystem protection.

Academics urged to get involved in Global Climate Change Week

Academics from around the world have united to create an event that encourages colleagues in all disciplines and countries to engage with their students and communities on climate change.

Ugandan students learn the rewards of farming

Students in Uganda are being equipped with farming and entrepreneurship skills in an effort to demonstrate how agriculture can be a viable business and livelihood option.

Kenyan farmers show how they are adapting to climate change

The ingenuity of Kenya’s farmers in the face of climate change is the subject of a new report and exhibition.

Combating degradation with agroforestry in Haiti

A new 2-year US $2.2 million project in Haiti aims to develop models of sustainable natural resource management that will combat land degradation and improve livelihoods, reports Haiti Libre

Unlocking the potential of rainwater

International organizations have called for scaling up of rainwater harvesting practices to improve food security and climate resilience.

Why US farmers are embracing agroforestry

An article on the website, Delicious Living, provides an overview of the practice of agroforestry, specifically focusing on its gaining popularity in America for the many benefits it can p

Reviving the traditional ‘Wadi' system in India

The traditional ‘Wadi’ livelihood model is helping tribal communities in India increase their crop yields and incomes, and ensuring food security.

Youth: the future of agriculture

International Youth Day on 12 August celebrates youth and their ability to help create a better world. But what of the future of youth in agriculture, where the average farmer is 60 years’ old?

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