Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Agroforestry for food security in Malawi

To meet its food security objectives, the Malawi Government is focusing efforts on sustainable innovations - especially agroforestry - that will increase agricultural productivity.

Philippines told to “proceed with caution” on oil palm

With the Philippines planning on becoming a major palm oil player, experts have warned that the country should proceed with caution to avoid the social and environmental issues faced by the industr

Quality, not quantity needed in tree planting

An article in DevEx discusses issues surrounding tree planting, such as “what are the implications for food security, biodiversity and landscape protection”.

Centre to have presence at Clinton Global Initiative

More than 1,000 of the most influential leaders from business, government, civil society and philanthropy will attend the 10th Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, reports the Look to the

Social entrepreneurs in the fight against climate change

“Social entrepreneurs are among those best positioned to improve the lives of the poor and mitigate global warming,” says an article on the website, Next Billion.

Centre’s Twitter presence recognized

The World Agroforestry Centre @ICRAF has been listed among the top 50 organizations to follow on Twitter in relation to food security, agricu

Could Africa help feed the world?

Africa offers “major solutions in feeding the world,” according to an article in DevEx which outlines some examples of what can be, and is being, done to improve food production and distri

Forests and forest loss explained in infographic

Irish-based Crowe Sawmills has produced an infographic showing how in 775 years all forests of the world will be lost.

India seeks to simplify agroforestry regulations

Simplified rules for growing, felling and transporting trees grown on private land should remove some of the current impediments to agroforestry in India.

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