Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

New video discusses agroforestry potential in the Greater Mekong

“When the climate changes, the farmers will at least have some food to eat if they have agroforests,” says Mr Kim Soben, from the Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

South Asia scientists upskill in agroforestry

Researchers from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka are benefiting from specialized training in research methods relating to agroforestry.

Agroforestry theme for this year’s Tree Planting Day

The theme for this year’s Tree Planting Day in Rwanda is ‘Enhancing climate change resilience through agroforestry’.

Agricultural R&D in Africa seriously constrained

Sub-Saharan countries will need to “double their investment in agricultural research and development if ambitious United Nations and African Union targets are to be achieved,” according to a new re

Farmers in Rwanda need support to practice agroforestry

Providing the right kind of information and support will be critical to increasing the uptake of agroforestry in Rwanda.

Online discussion into large-scale land initiatives kicks off

Can large-scale land initiatives fulfill their promises?

Zambian farmers encouraged to plant fertilizer trees

Farmers in Zambia are being encouraged to plant trees such as Musanga and Moringa in their fields to provide a range of benefits.

Centre’s orphan crop research on Al Jazeera

In its new Innovate Africa program, Al Jazeera English has profiled work at the World Agroforestry Centre to sequence the genomes of lesser-known food crops in Africa.

Forests and trees for food security and nutrition: brief

The Stockholm Environment Institute has published a brief on the role of forests and trees in food security.

Agroforestry outside the forest helps to protect trees inside the forest

The World Agroforestry Centre is working to develop agroforestry solutions that can ease pressure on the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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