Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Bamboo shows promise as a biomass fuel

Biomass fuels have been criticized for causing deforestation, land degradation and loss of biodiversity, but bamboo may offer a sustainable solution.

Centre partners with Clarins in China

The World Agroforestry Centre has announced that it will partners with French cosmetic company, Clarins to support agroforestry in China.

Lead Centre scientist on agroforestry and food security

Agroforestry – as an example of agroecology – can help to feed the 2 billion people who go hungry every night, says Dr Ravi Prabhu, Deputy Director General (Research) at the World Agroforestry Cent

Agroforestry and watershed management pay off in northern India

An article on the website of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research reports on a visit by staff from the World Agroforestry Centre to projects in the Parasai-Sindh watershed in Jhansi

Cocoa development in Côte d’Ivoire receives high-level endorsement

Madame Massandje Toure-Litse, Director General of the Cocoa & Coffee Council (Conseil Café Cacao or CCC) of Côte d’Ivoire, has commended the work of the Vision for Change program in transformin

Melihat Program ICRAF untuk Membangunan Papua Rendah Emisi - Dua Tahun Merajut Cita-cita Pembangunan Hijau di Papua

Papua sebagai provinsi dengan kekayaan hutan tertinggi di Indonesia memiliki peran kunci dalam mendorong pencapaian upaya mitigasi perubahan iklim.

Pemprov Papua Diharapkan Memahami Program ICRAF

Jayapura- (PAPOS) Program ParCiMon (Participatory monitoring by civil society of land-use planning for low emission development strategies) dan LAMA-I (Locally appropriate mitigation actions in Ind

Papua Harus Jadi Pelopor Penurunan Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca

Jayapura-World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) bersama sejumlah mitra menggandeng tiga kabupaten yang ada di Papua untuk berperan dalam menurunkan emisi secara nasional.

Pemprov Papua Terkesan dengan Program ICRAF

Jayapura-Asisten II Setda Papua Drs.

Papua Harus Menjadi Pelopor Penurunan Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca

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