Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Building Africa’s capacity to breed nutritious crops

The graduation of the first group of 23 researchers from the African Plant Breeding Academy will help develop the capacity of local scientists in producing plants that can improve food security and

Focus on water, food and energy ahead of cutting emissions

With attention turning to a new climate protocol that will be decided on in Paris in 2015, an article on Live Science suggests the developing world needs to focus more on solutions that ad

Training African plant breeders to improve food security and nutrition

The African Plant Breeding Academy has graduated its first group of plant breeders; a major step forward in helping to increase food security and eliminate malnutrition and stunting among Africa’s

We're all accountable for sustainable and climate resilient landscapes

“The greatest hope for climate adaptation and sustainable development is to acknowledge what we share, and from that vantage point hold each other accountable,” says an article on the Food Tank

Peru’s coffee farmers among those who need support to cope with climate change

Fairtrade is calling for governments and international actors involved in the agricultural sector to give greater support to farmers in addressing climate change.

Need to recognize family farmers in the fight against climate change

The important role of family farmers in mitigating, adapting, and even reversing climate change needs to be considered in the UN climate change talks, says an article on the website of the Glob

Workshop discusses how biofuels affect food security

The real impact of biofuels on food security and food prices were discussed during a recent workshop, reports an article on the Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) website.

Norway pledges support for restoration

The Norwegian government has announced it will provide NOK 76 million (around US $10 million) for a new project to restore forests and landscapes in the tropics.

Climate-smart agriculture alliance promotes a flexible package

The Africa Climate-Smart Agriculture Alliance (ACSAA) aims to ensure 6 million smallholder farmers in Africa are practicing climate-smart agriculture (CSA) within the next 7 years.

Private sector commits to restoration through agroforestry in Latin America

Initiative 20x20 which plans to restore degraded land across Latin America to reduce greenhouse emissions will rely on private sector investment rather than grants.

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