Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Indian biofuel model attracts international attention

An article in the New Indian Express reports that scientists from the World Agroforestry Centre plan to visit the state of Karnataka in the south west of India during the National Conferen

Food security relies on engaging youth in farming

We might have the technology and even the finance needed to ensure global food security, but how can this be achieved if youth are not interested in a future of farming?

New food production models needed in Africa

Agriculture in Africa, which supports more than 70 percent of the continent’s one billion people and provides 67 per cent of jobs, is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Soil carbon must not be overlooked in climate change mitigation

A new study has shown just how much carbon is stored globally in soils, and how important this is to climate change mitigation.

New briefs on agroforestry in degraded areas and in home gardens

The Stockholm Environment Institute has released 2 new briefs looking at the role of agroforestry in restoring degraded lands while providing livelihood benefits, and how agroforestry in h

Rebuilding with agroforestry after Haiyan

On the Philippine island of Panay, reforestation efforts are underway focusing on indigenous tree and plant species with root systems that can withstand mudslides and future typhoons.

PES schemes proving more effective than carbon credits in Kenya

The effectiveness of a Payment for Ecosystem Services scheme in Kenya is discussed in an article on the website of the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

New study on trees and resilience in East Africa’s drylands

The role of trees in enhancing resilience to drought, floods and other extreme events in the drylands of Eastern Africa is the subject of a new study by scientists from the World Agroforestry Centr

Taking agroforestry to the landscape level

To coincide with the World Congress on Agroforestry, the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature initiative has posted a blog about taking tree-based e

Social forestry helping to buffer climate change impacts in Africa

At a seminar on mitigating climate change in Africa through social forestry, participants have heard of the many benefits of integrating trees into agriculture landscapes.

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