Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Transforming the role of the smallholder

“Why are smallholder farmers so poor,” asks Hugh Locke, Cofounder and president of the Smallholder Farmers Alliance, in an article in The Guardian.

Dashboard of data to help Pacific communities build climate resilience

Researchers are developing a ‘dashboard’ to give Pacific Island communities better access to information that can help build the resilience of agriculture and forestry to climate change.

Success stories in sustainable agriculture

An article in The Guardian features initiatives that demonstrate “increasing yield and the incomes of the poorest and most vulnerable does not need to come at the expense of the planet”.

Unless we act on soils, food security is threatened

A new study warns that soil erosion could endanger humanity’s ability to feed itself if nothing is done, reports SciDev.Net.

Underutilized species of the Asia-Pacific region

The first ever inventory of underutilized species and less known food plants in the Asia-Pacific Region has been released by Bioversity International.

New project in Malawi to address forest conservation issues

The Malawi News Agency reports on the launch of the 3-year ‘Empowering Forest Dependent Communities through Commercialization of Small Scale Forestry’ project which will be implemented by

Will climate change lead to more sustainable coffee production?

Global companies will need to “radically change their production models and sourcing relationships” for coffee in response to climate change, writes Alejandro Litovsky, founder and CEO of the Earth

Study to evaluate links between agriculture and ecosystems

Key interdependencies among agriculture and food systems, biodiversity and ecosystems are being studied in order to better highlight these links and quantify the benefits of ecosystems to agricultu

Pakistan must explore agroforestry’s potential

Pakistan needs to increase its tree and forest cover for the health and livelihood of its people, says Sharmila Faruqui , Adviser to the Chief Minister on Culture and Tourism.

Forests and trees for nutrition

Forests can help to alleviate global hunger, says a new report published by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO).

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