Group learning

The World Agroforestry Centre offers short (one to two week) courses and workshops on subjects that reflect advances in research and development achieved through our collaborative Global Research Priorities in the Regions where we work. Some of the Centre's Support Units may also offer such opportunities.

More often than not, our learning opportunities are sponsored through ongoing research for development projects and activities.

The impact of our training is an ever increasing numbers of trained scientists, technicians and development workers in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, particularly in characterization and diagnosis, experimental design, agroforestry tree improvement, information management, technician training, soil and plant analysis, data collection management and analysis, integrated natural resources management, and training methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from the Centre’s short courses or workshops?

Consult the training calendar and determine which opportunities are available to you. Each course specifies its target audience and lists eligibility criteria.

How do I apply to participate in a workshop or course?

Provided you qualify as a participant, you will need to be nominated by the organizers and/or fill out an application form. Many events are organized on the basis of participants being selected on a competitive basis and a selection panel will decide if you qualify or not.

Where can I get funding to participate?

Many of our courses provide sponsorship for participants to attend, and if you are selected you will be fully sponsored to attend as per the ‘conditions for participation’ for that specific course.

If I can obtain my own funding to attend one of the Centre’s courses, will I be accepted?

Not necessarily. Each course has a specific target audience and conditions for participation and thus you need to qualify. In some cases, the Centre may accept self-sponsored applicants if course funds are insufficient to cover the desired number of qualified participants.

Am I covered in case of accident, illness or death while attending one of the Centre’s courses or workshop?

Normally, we do not provide insurance cover for course participants. If insurance is to be provided, this will be mentioned in the ‘conditions for participation’. Participants need to make sure they have the necessary medical and accident insurance cover before they attend a Centre learning event.

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