ICRAF Scientists engage with youth ahead of the Global Landscape Forum (GLF) Nairobi 2018

ICRAF scientists engage in the Knowledge Marketplace as part of the ‘Leadership Development Workshop: Scaling Up Youth Action Towards Restoration’ within the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Nairobi – 27 August 2018

Under the theme “Are You Restoration Ready?” over 50 participants from over 10 African countries engaged in a pre-workshop event to collectively build a restoration framework and identify key innovations needed for restoration, in preparation for their engagement in the GLF Nairobi 2018. #YILRestoration #GLFNairobi2018 and #thinklandscape

Salina Abraham of CIFOR, showcasing the restoration framework developed by participants during the morning session (Photo: Leigh Winowiecki)

ICRAF and UN Environment colleagues contributed to the workshop through the Knowledge Marketplace. Drawing on their experience of implementing restoration options across Africa, the researchers opened with ‘Landscape Talks’ in plenary to provide an overview of the key topics: Economic Viability, Adaptive Management Approaches, Policy Coherence and Stakeholder Engagement.

Dr. Leigh Ann Winowiecki presenting on dryland restoration: what is it and how to measure it.  Photo: Cathy Watson.

Dr. Leigh Ann Winowiecki presenting on dryland restoration: what it is and how to measure it. She highlighted activities within the IFAD/EC-funded Land Restoration and the EC-Regreening Africa projects and showcased the utility of systematic assessments of land and soil health using the LDSF in a recent spatial prioritization in Kenya. Download the presentation here (Photo: Cathy Watson)

Dr. Lalisa Duguma of ICRAF made a presentation on refugees, environmental degradation and restoration options. He highlighted recent examples from northern Uganda (Photo: Leigh Winowiecki)

Victor Tsang of UN Environment presenting on the policy perspective and the importance of data (Photo: Leigh Winowiecki)

Dr. Mary Njenga of ICRAF discussed energy as a degradation driver and the business of charcoal, highlighting examples of sustainable charcoal production.

After the presentations the marketplace provided an opportunity for participants to “shop” for more details, explanations and knowledge sharing! This allowed for continued engagement between the participants and scientists to share experiences in restoration across the continent.

This certainly was an energetic and positive kick-off event to the upcoming GLF 2018 Nairobi.


Group photo of the Leadership Development Workshop participants at the World Agroforestry Centre headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya on 27 August 2018 (Photo: CIFOR/ICRAF communications).