Training of Community facilitators in Kenya: planned comparisons

Written By: 
John Nyaga
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

From 26 to 27th August 2016, Jonathan Muriuki, Lydia Wafula, John Nyaga and Harry Wells of the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) were in Kitui providing training on the planned comparison designs. The trainers first took the community facilitators through an overview of the 3 planned comparisons; Tree planting, Pest control, Soil and water conservation/ Zai pits.

This was followed on the second day by an introduction to data collection; farmers profiling, monitoring of the designs, regular data collection/ODK, documentation, sharing and reporting.

On the last day, the team visited Masimba in Lower Yatta where farmers training on Zai pits and tree planting was organized and carried out. This was an opportunity to evaluate how much the trainers/community facilitators had grasped and how they deliver the message. Also importantly, we had a chance to assess farmer’s reception and their ability to understand the designs in addition to appreciating the logistical challenges involved.