Agroforestry News

(Business Daily) City slum residents cash in on charcoal briquettes to earn decent livelihood November 13, 2013

Soaring costs of fuels such as charcoal and paraffin (kerosene) has led to a cooking-energy crisis and increased poverty among the poorest residents of Nairobi.

Proof climate smart agriculture is making a difference November 13, 2013

Until recently, agriculture has largely been on the sidelines in discussions about human-induced climate change, but a new booklet provides sound evidence of how climate-smart agriculture can contr

Role of agroforestry highlighted in climate talks November 13, 2013

The Social Reporting Blog of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) reports on the first two days of the 19th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Con

Funds for adaptation and mitigation must be integrated November 13, 2013

Separating adaptation and mitigation finance would have unintended negative consequences, according to a post on the blog of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature initiative.

Great Green Wall is more than just planting trees November 13, 2013

A story on the website of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) outlines how the Great Green Wall – initially planned as a revegetated strip of land stretching from Djibouti in the east to

Making chocolate sustainable November 12, 2013

Professor of Sustainable Agroecosystems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Johan Six, looks at the issue of cocoa sustainability on the website,

Climate change may benefit some Kenyan farmers November 11, 2013

African Seer carries an article on a new report by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and partner organizations, which demonstrates how shifting weather patterns will

Indian state of Gujarat leads the way in agroforestry November 11, 2013

The success of the Indian state of Gujarat in implementing social forestry and agroforestry programs is outlined in an article on the website, All Voices.

Getting the most out of teak through agroforestry in Laos November 11, 2013

Australian researchers are helping farmers in the north of Laos to gain maximum benefit from their teak trees and practice agroforestry.

Landscape approach not just a fad November 11, 2013

A landscape approach to food production and poverty alleviation is now widely accepted, but scientists working on the CGIAR Research Programme for Forests, Trees and Agroforestry, ask is this just