Agroforestry News

Sustainable agriculture project in Kenya earns carbon credits
January 22, 2014

A sustainable agriculture project in Kenya has not only been the first of its kind to earn carbon credits, it is also increasing crop yields.

Tree cover and nutrition closely linked
January 22, 2014

Research by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) shows that children living in areas of Africa with heavy tree cover tend to have more nutritious diets.

Ethiopian farmers embark on agroforestry
January 22, 2014

Farmer field schools in Ethiopia are helping to introduce commercial tree enterprises that benefit communities and the environment.

Congress will highlight agroforestry benefits to South Asia
January 20, 2014

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, is set to open the World Congress on Agroforestry2014, demonstrating the importance the country places on trees on farms and in the landscape to bolst

Names announced of 100 African ‘orphan crops’ to be sequenced
January 20, 2014

The names of 100 African crop species whose genomes will be sequenced, assembled and annotated through the African Orphan Crops Consortium have been announced.

Centre launches new effort in the drylands of Ethiopia
January 20, 2014

Dryland communities in Ethiopia will benefit from a new project aimed at moving from subsistence farming to sustainable rural development through increased food and water security and better access

(Jarkata Post) Global conference to accelerate the use of trees in agriculture, landscape
January 16, 2014

The Jarkata post reports that over 1,000 participants from private sector and research and development institutions will share knowledge on the positive financial, environmental and social impact

Call to restore upland agroforestry post Typhoon Yolanda
January 16, 2014

In an article in The Inquirer about the possible need for food aid to victims of Typhoon Yolanda to extend until the next rice planting season, comes a call for funding to help rebuild agr

Ugandan pastoralists diversify into agroforestry
January 16, 2014

A change in traditional practices among pastoralists in Uganda is paying off as they venture into agroforestry, mixed farming, bee keeping and other forms of agriculture.

Market led solutions in climate smart agriculture
January 15, 2014

Creating ‘climate-smart territories’ – places where ecosystem services are maintained, human wellbeing is improved and mitigation and adaptation optimized – is the subject of a post on the blog of