Agroforestry News

Community participation in REDD+ not what it should be October 30, 2013

A study by scientists from the World Agroforestry Centre together with partner European and Southeast Asian institutions argues that REDD+ projects which involve communities are more likely to save

Forum on how carbon costs Africa October 30, 2013

The cost of carbon and the impacts of climate change on Africa were the subject of an online conversation forum hosted by 24 Hours of Real

Trees provide a future for girls in Indian village October 30, 2013

For every girl born into the village of Dharhara in northern India, at least 10 fruit trees (traditionally mango) are planted by the local community.

GEF highlights agroforestry role in land rehabilitation October 30, 2013

The Global Environment Fund (GEF) website highlights how its agroforestry projects are helping to restore degraded landscapes and provide livelihood diversification.

Agroforestry can reduce climate risks in Philippines October 30, 2013

The potential for agroforestry in the Philippines to produce better quality and higher yields, and to reduce risk in a changing climate is the subject of an article on GMA News.

Global expo on solutions for the south from the south October 28, 2013

Showcasing, sharing and scaling up innovative local solutions to global problems will be the focus of a forum to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 28 October to 1 November 2013.

Climate change can bring opportunities October 28, 2013

While climate change is predicted to have a devastating effect on agriculture in Africa, opportunities must be sought for improving livelihoods and creating employment.

Farmer sustainability innovation needs to be scaled-up October 24, 2013

Farmers are driving innovation to improve sustainability, but to have real impact such innovations need to cover a broader scale.

Coffee good for birds too October 23, 2013

Coffee agroforestry systems in Costa Rica no

Family farmers nourishing the world October 23, 2013