Scientific Research Minister lauds ICRAF’s contributions

Julius Atia


Cameroon’s Minister of Scientific Research and Innovations, Dr Madeleine Tchuinté has lauded the contributions of the World Agroforestry Centre in providing quality planting materials and fight against poverty in Cameroon. She was speaking during a visit to the Centre’s stand at the Scientific Research and Innovation Excellence Week (JERSIC) held in Yaounde from 30th November to 2nd December 2011.

The minister expressed great satisfaction with the research work of the Centre and even told her close collaborators present at the stand that she met people who are now able to generate more than CFA 6 million (about USD12 000) yearly from they fruit trees the got through ICRAF. 

During a one day open‐door organised by the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD) institute, the Minister told Ebenezar Asaah, who was representing the Regional Coordinator that the government is very pleased with the tremendous efforts made by ICRAF in Cameroon. She said the government is looking up to the Centre to make sure that more innovative technologies reach the needy populations of Cameroon, laying emphasis on the Njansang cracking machine which she said President Paul Biya admired during the last national agro‐pastoral show held at Ebolowa last January and expressed the wish to see the  Centre multiply the machine such that more communities could benefit from it.

During her visit to the ICRAF stand, Ebenezar Asaah used the opportunity to explain to the Minister some of the latest research activities and some of the results already registered. Ebenezar explained on efforts being made to make sure that the innovative technologies on tree domestication are put at the disposal of  the local populations.

Visitors to the stand had the opportunity to see the different types of high‐value indigenous fruit, medicinal, spices and timber species on which the Centre is working especially in Cameroon. For easy understanding, ICRAF technicians were on hand to explain the different aspects to visitors, who also had the opportunity to go home with some useful leaflets. The event brought together a number of research institutions working in Cameroon. Talking to participants at the opening, the Director General of IRAD, Dr Woin Noue, said his centre is stepping up efforts to produce more high quality planting materials which will be put at the disposal of the farmers to ensure better production in the years/seasons ahead. He called on all partner institutions to put hands on deck such that their dream could be realised.