Africa needs green growth

Green growth is critical to Africa’s future and needs to be embraced in development strategies so that nations can benefit from green economies.

This is according to President of the African Development, Donald Kaberuka, who has written an article for Europe’s World.

The need for growth in Africa to combat poverty combined with the continent’s fragile natural environment and dependence on agriculture means that “development policies must be fashioned to reduce the environmental impact,” writes Kaberuka. He cites examples from South Africa and Morocco where low carbon development and renewable energy projects are operating successfully. But more needs to be done at national and international policy levels.

Kaberuka calls for policies that “encourage investment in green technologies, foster innovation, correctly price scarce resources and address failures of market signals”. Green industries have the potential to give African countries a competitive edge in new global markets. Kaberuka notes that transitioning to a ‘green economy’ requires financial assistance and North-South technology transfer. In particular, Africa needs greater access to international climate change finance.

Adoption of sustainable agricultural practices such as agroforestry, reduced soil cultivation and the use of natural nutrients like fertilizer trees would go a long way towards reducing poverty and combating climate change. He says there is a need for government and international organizations to support farm innovation and promote better water and soil management as well as research into higher yielding technologies.

Kaberuka goes on to outline how Europe can help to support Africa’s green development through market access, technology transfer and investment mechanisms.

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