Call for action on climate-smart agriculture

The global coalition, Farming First, together with 18 of the world’s leading agriculture organizations is calling for more sustainable and socially responsible agriculture.

An article on Relief Web from Inter Press Service reports on the failure to gain agreement on a work programme for agriculture at this year’s UN climate talk,s yet the urgency remains for “farmers to produce the food needed, and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The organizations are calling for the UN process to include research and the documenting and sharing of knowledge of climate-smart agricultural practices, such as agroforestry, to inform decision making in relation to agriculture and climate change.

According to the CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), agriculture and land use change, mostly from deforestation, contribute an estimated one-third of total greenhouse gas emissions. But the agriculture sector also has an important role in both climate change adaptation and mitigation through more sustainable practices.

Climate-smart agriculture includes practices such as agroforestry, conservation agriculture, crop rotation and integrated crop-livestock management. The challenge for their implementation lies in funding, which many developing countries do not have access to.

“A failure in Doha to make advances means we must look elsewhere for progress – we will need enlightened countries, agencies, farmers moving forward by themselves with agricultural adaptation and mitigation,” says Bruce Campbell, Director of CCAFS.

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