A global assessment of soil biodiversity

Assessing the earth’s soil biodiversity is the challenge ahead of international scientists and policy makers when they come together on 26 February. Among them will be Edmundo Barrios from the World Agroforestry Centre.

The earthworms and microbes contained in soil help to maintain soil structure and soil nutrients, providing many benefits to ecosystems as well as food for wildlife. Soil biodiversity is seen as key to soil security, desertification, food security, water quality, biodiversity loss and climate change.

Noodls website outlines how the Global Soil Biodiversity Assessment will “engage a worldwide network of researchers to assess data on the present diversity in soils across continents, determine where the 'hot spots' of soil diversity are and put this information in a framework for managing soils for the future".

The assessment is being coordinated by Colorado State University's School of Global Environmental Sustainability, which is the secretariat of the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative, and the European Commission.

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For more information on the initiative, visit www.globalsoilbiodiversity.org