Leakey book emphasizes importance of trees in landscapes

The blog of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative carries a review of the recent book by Dr Roger Leakey, titled Living with the Trees of Life – Towards the Transformation of Tropical Agriculture.

“Of particular relevance to landscape approaches, the book elucidates the role of trees within landscapes for both production and environmental outcomes,” says the article.

The book offers a ‘fresh approach’ both to food production and the use of natural resources that will help to avert the food crises expected to impact every country in the world by the middle of this century. This is in contrast to the intensification which is currently occurring in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Leakey believes the growing of trees on farms offers the ability to improve soil fertility and rehabilitate degraded land as well as diversify farming systems and protect watersheds. And, he says, we already have the know-how required to successfully implement agroforestry for environmental and livelihood benefits. The challenge lies in accepting the middle path between biotechnology and organic principles and scaling it up to a level that has real impact.

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