The missing link of the Green Economy

What does it take to make sure everyone benefits from the Green Economy?

At the Satoyama Initiative RIO+20 side event, Prof Tony Simons, Director General of the World Agroforestry Centre told delegates that land ownership was the missing link for fostering the desired Green Economy.

“Studies have shown that people with total land ownership can easily engage in sustainable farming and agroforestry, hence conserving biodiversity and other natural resources, (more) than those who are leasing it for a short period of time,” Simons said.

Other vital components of the Green Economy are said to be the involvement of the youth and sustainable use of biological resources.

This article reports that in many parts of Africa, land owned by communities stand to have a negative impact on the Green Economy.

Even so, could public-private partnerships be the answer for countering this negative affect?

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