In support of agroecology

In a brief article in the Huffington Post, Danielle Nierenberg argues that agroecology reduces the burden of agriculture on the environment, improves nutrition and increase incomes.

She draws attention to an infographic which shows the major differences between agroecology and industrial agriculture.

Agroecological approaches such as agroforestry conserve and protect soil and water and absorb greenhous gases. In poorer areas without access to irrigation or on sloping land, agroecology can double and triple yields.

Other agroecology practices include the incorporation of livestock and crops, integrated pest management, cover cropping, terracing, contour farming and intercropping.

“Because agroecology operates within the natural organization of an environment, it creates diverse agricultural systems which are more resilient to dramatic weather events, making it an increasingly sound option for feeding the world,” Nierenberg writes.

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