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Tree domestication started thousands of years ago for some species, but more recently modern knowledge has enabled scientists to work in collaboration with farmers to continue and expand these activities. The purpose of this new publication of the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) - Agroforestry Tree Domestication: a Primer - is two-fold. First, it provides an opportunity to synthesize basic information about important tree domestication issues, using recent research results from scientists of ICRAF and collaborating institutes. Second, it provides a resource for learners and teachers to use and contextualize for their own purposes.

 This manual is based on a “tree domestication course” that was organized regularly by the ICRAF training unit. The modular format of the manual allows for regular updates and inclusion of new units in forthcoming years. We hope that the readers of this manual, once suitably ‘primed’ on the meaning of domestication and the activities involved of selecting, propagating and bringing into cultivation superior types, will further explore and undertake research and development work on this topic. Our intention is that smallholders’ livelihoods will benefit through a ‘second wave’ of plant domestication that is focused on optimizing the products and services that are provided by currently underutilized tree species.

An easy Introduction to biplots for multi-environment

Biplots have become a standard tool in the analysis of experimental data where the aim is to understand interaction between ‘treatments’ and ‘environment’, or ‘options’ x ‘context’. In this guide we aim to explain the concepts behind the construction of various biplots and illustrate how the graphs can be interpreted

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Research data! As of 2011 ICRAF is practicing an “Open Data initiative” and all our data on trees, environment, livelihoods and markets that has been used in our scientific publications can now be  accessed via our Data Repository!

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