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Volunteer farmer trainers: improving smallholder farmers’ access to information for a stronger dairy sector

Author(s): Kiptot, E ;  Franzel, S ;  Kirui, J
Publication Date: 2012
Pages: 6p
Publisher: World Agroforestry Center ICRAF
Place: Nairobi, Kenya
Keywords: Animal breedings ;  Dairy farming
Abstract: The past decade has seen an increase in farmer -to-farmer extension approaches. This is due in part, to a decline in public sector extension services in developing countries. A key challenge with these approaches is whether farmer trainers can disseminate agricultural innovations. A study was undertaken to understand the effectiveness of using volunteer farmer trainers VFTs to disseminate livestock feed technologies. Analysis was drawn from the East Africa Dairy Development EADD Project whose aim is to double the income of dairy farmers through improved production and marketing. Policy recommendations from the study show that volunteer farmer trainers are able to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of farmer advisory services. Linking volunteer farmer trainers with government extension services would ensure that they receive technical support and are up to date on current developments and innovations.
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