Our outputs

VIP4FS Planned Comparisons development Workshop Report

The Value Chain Innovation Platforms (VIP4FS) project held a 2 day workshop on planned comparison, from the 21st to 22nd February 2017,that aimed at taking the team through planned comparisons guidelines and principles, sharing of DRYDEV project’s experiences and lessons learnt on planned compari

Farmers’ characteristics and entrepreneurial competences for innovation in Ugandan multi-stakeholder platforms

This paper investigates the role of farmer characteristics and entrepreneurial competences on farmers’ innovation in the context of Ugandan multi-stakeholder platforms for innovation (MSPs).

Engagement Guide: A Brief Guide for Research Engagement with Development Partners

This brief guide aims to present the key features of research engagement with development partners as a guide for researchers who aim to engage with development. The objectives of the guide are two-fold:

The power of television in triggering feedback through mobile phones

This study aimed at identifying innovative ways to reach farmers through testing the effectiveness of integrating TV and mobile phone technology in enhancing feedback mechanisms among smallholder farmers.

Solwezi Landcare Masterclass Report

The Solwezi, Zambia Masterclass was held from the 5th to 8th December, 2016 to introduce Landcare to the area, build local capacities and to support cross-learning.

Rainwater harvesting in Somalia

Rainwater Association of Somalia (RAAS) is one of the associated partners of the ICRAF/IGAD project funded by EU through IGAD assigned to facilitate and support the implementation of project; rainwater harvesting program for re-greening the environment.