Data Repository

Data Repository

The World Agroforestry Centre recognizes that research data and knowledge generated from public funded research should be made publically available. Since 2011 the Centre has endorsed an 'Open Access' policy for research data that is in line with the CGIAR Principles on the Management of Intellectual Assets. 

To ensure that our data can be found our scientists deposit copies of final research outputs with 'metadata' (information that describes the deposited items) into our publicly accessible Dataverse repository.

The Centres Dataverse repository is used to archive two major categories of data:

  •  Primary date used in producing a publication
  •  Unpublished data sets, that are described by material and methods, has a clear description of the variables presented and is supported by unpublished reports (e.g. country reports).

Datasets used from this repository require acknowledgement through proper citation. The citation should use the standard documented in and as shown on the "Data Citation" section of each study in the repository.

All of our metadata can be accessed. To download actual data files you will be asked to send a request form to our data management team.


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