Our outputs

Markets,Value chains and Institutions

Oduol et al,. Scoping study to generate insights into potential value chains and institutional arrangements in Manafwa district, Uganda-WP1

This report provides findings of the scoping study conducted in Manafwa district (23-27th November 2015) in Uganda to identify potential value chains for upgrading and generate insights into institutional arrangements found in the district.

Scoping Study Report on Potential Value Chains and Institutional Arrangements in Solwezi, Zambia

The scoping study was conducted in Solwezi district in Northwestern Zambia.

Kiptot et al., 2015 Institutionalization of the Volunteer Farmer Trainer Approach in Dairy Producer Organizations in Kenya

This study reviewed institutionalization of the VFT approach in the POs extension structures in terms of; i) Ways in which POs will support the implementation of the VFT approach sustainably, ii) The extension policies that need to be changed or incorporated in the POs to promote sustainabil

5Capitals toolkit

The 5Capitals toolkit provides those interested in value chain development with an innovative framework for assessing outcomes and impacts.The framework focuses on understanding the needs and circumstances of smallholders and local enterprises engaged in value chain development and helping stakeholders in value chain development to design interventions that better respond to these actors.

Guides for value chain development: A comparative review

This book provides helps readers to better understand the options available when selecting a guide, or tool, for value chain development (VCD). The book compares the concepts and methods endorsed and assesses the strengths and limitations of the guides for steering development practice.

Assessing impacts of value chain development on poverty: A case study companion to the 5Capitals tool

The 5Capitals tool, developed jointly by an alli­ance of research and development organizations, addresses this shortcoming by proposing an asset-based approach to assess the poverty impacts of VCD.

5Capitals: A tool for assessing the poverty imact of value chain development

5Capitals facilitates learning about the potential of value chain development (VCD) to strengthen rural livelihoods and improve business performance.

Gender roles in land use and value chains (GRoLUV), part of the negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes

Gender specificity of land use (decisions, labour, remuneration) and participation in value chains needs to be understood.

Rapid market appraisal, part of the negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes

The rapid market appraisal tool has been designed to analyse the value chain for agroforestry products, in particular: the role of different actors in adding value and the power of small-scale farmers and processors to increase their benefits form value chain participation.

African Wood Density Database

Wood density is mass of wood per unit volume. It is an important trait for estimating stored biomass and carbon content per unit volume of tree stem (Chave et al. 2009 ).

Rich rewards for rubber?

Research in Indonesia is exploring how smallholders can increase rubber production, retain biodiversity and provide additional environmental benefits ("Trees for change" series No8)

Fodder for a better future

How agroforestry is helping to transform the lives of small-scale dairy farmers in East Africa ("Trees for change" series No6)