Our outputs

Tree Diversity, Domestication and Delivery

TropiTree - Tropical Tree Expressed Transcripts, SSR Markers and Primer Pairs

TropiTree contains the assembled expressed transcripts from an RNA-seq study of a set of 24 important tropical tree species, along with the microsatellites discovered within them and primer pairs designed to the microsatellite markers.

Useful Tree Species for Africa

This tool enables you to select useful tree species for planting anywhere in Africa using Google Earth. In 2012, we prepared an updated version of this tool, especially enhancing the information provided in the "species selector" spread sheets.

Guidelines to Good Nursery Practice

At the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), we see that the future of trees is on farms, but what will that future hold if farmers do not have access to high quality seed and seedlings? The opportunity for significant economic development will be missed.

African Orphan Crops Consortium

'Orphan crops' are African food crops such as millet, sorghum and cassava, among many others that are primarily grown for subsistence as they are not commercially viable. This fact has made researchers and industries to neglect them.

Agroforestry Species Switchboard 1.3: a synthesis of information sources to support tree research and development activities

Version 1.3 of the Switchboard documents the presence of a total of 26,301 plant species (34,066 species including synonyms) across 23 web-based information sources. When available, hyperlinks to selected species in particular information sources are provided. In total, Version 1.3 of the switchboard provides 221,984 hyperlinks at species level.

Agroforestry Tree Domestication: A primer

Agroforestry is all about using trees on farms and in landscapes for the benefit of rural communities and other land users.

A window on a better world

An innovative agroforestry development programme is transforming lives and landscapes in rural Cameroon ("Trees for change" series No5)

The fruits of success

A programme to domesticate West and Central Africa’s wild fruit trees is raising incomes, improving health and stimulating the rural economy. ("Trees for change" series No4)

Seeds of hope

A public-private partnership to domesticate a native tree, Allanblackia, is transforming lives in rural Africa. ("Trees for change" series No2)

Molecular Markers for Tropical Trees: Statistical Analysis of Dominant Data

In the last decade, there has been an enormous increase worldwide in the use of molecular marker methods to assess genetic variation in trees. These approaches can provide significant insights into the defining features of different taxa and this information may be used to define appropriate management strategies for species

The Agroforestree Database

The Agroforestree (AFT) Database is a species reference and selection guide for agroforestry trees. Agroforestry trees are those that are deliberately grown or kept in integrated land-use systems and are often managed for more than one output.