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Environmental Services and Services

Climate-Smart Landscapes: Multifunctionality in Practice

Climate-Smart Landscapes: Multifunctionality in Practice is about a 'landscape approach' to achieving multiple climate, social, development and environmental objectives. It builds on climate-smart landscapes as a growing platform and pathway towards achieving multi functionality.

Partnership in the Tropical Forest Margins: a 20-year journey in Search of Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn.

This book synthesizes ASB’s work over the past 20 years based upon all of the policy briefs that have been published over this period of time. This included a large number of policy briefs which have been published as a result of the REALU I, REALU II and SECURED Landscapes projects.

Rewards for, Use of, and Shared Investment in, Pro-poor Environmental Services project, phase 2. Research sites in Asia 2008-2012

RUPES has encouraged adoption of improved forest, land and watershed management practices through environmental services compensation and rewards’ schemes by promoting a set of principles: realistic, conditional, voluntary and pro-poor1.

Negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes

This book provides guidance on how the support of negotiations between stakeholders over crucial landscape issues can be organized in a multidisciplinary, multi-skilled team with awareness of the need for, and challenges of, communication across multiple knowledge systems, attitudes, skills and a

LUWES- Land use planning for LowEmission Development Strategy

Land Use Planning for Low Emission Development Strategy (LUWES) is a platform for developing a multiple stakeholder decision-making process to establish land use plans for sustainable development, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from land-based activity while simultaneously maintaining