Our outputs


VIP4FS Planned Comparisons development Workshop Report

The Value Chain Innovation Platforms (VIP4FS) project held a 2 day workshop on planned comparison, from the 21st to 22nd February 2017,that aimed at taking the team through planned comparisons guidelines and principles, sharing of DRYDEV project’s experiences and lessons learnt on planned compari

The power of television in triggering feedback through mobile phones

This study aimed at identifying innovative ways to reach farmers through testing the effectiveness of integrating TV and mobile phone technology in enhancing feedback mechanisms among smallholder farmers.

Solwezi Landcare Masterclass Report

The Solwezi, Zambia Masterclass was held from the 5th to 8th December, 2016 to introduce Landcare to the area, build local capacities and to support cross-learning.

VIP4FS Annual Report: June 2015-June 2016

The Report provides progress made so far by the VIP4FS project and its intended plans for the coming year June 2016- June 2017.

Proceedings of the Workshops on Institutionalization of the Volunteer Farmer Trainer Approach in Producer organizations in Kenya: A case study of Kabiyet, Lelchego and Sot Dairies

The East Africa Dairy Development Project (EADD) has been supporting Volunteer Farmer Trainers (VFTs) through training, exchange tours, provision of seeds and training materials however the project is soon phasing out its activities in Kenya and therefore support for the VFTs is no longer gu

Multi-stakeholder Workshop Report: Proceedings of a Multi-stakeholder Workshop held on 14th– 15th June 2016, at Crossroads Lodge, Solwezi Zambia

The Value chain innovation platforms to improve food security (VIP4FS) project held a two-day multi-stakeholder workshop in Solwezi, Zambia on 14-15 June 2016.

Proceedings of Multi-stakeholder Workshops held in Kapchorwa and Manafwa, Uganda

This report represents the actual outcomes that were realized from the five mini value chain multi stakeholder workshops that were held in Kapchorwa (22nd -24th June) and Manafwa (27th -28th June 2016).

Stakeholder workshop Report September 2016. Zambia

The Sustainable Intensification of Agricultural Research and Learning in Africa (SAIRLA) Programme is a UK Department for International Development-funded initiative that seeks to address one of the most intractable problems facing small-holder farmers in Africa - how to engage in the market econ