The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) partners with a wide range of organizations to ensure that breakthroughs in agroforestry science are adopted and brought to scale throughout the developing world. Without robust and effective partnerships, even the most groundbreaking innovations will fail to reach the smallholder farmers whose livelihoods ICRAF’s research aims to transform.  

The Partnerships & Impact Directorate, which is headed by Dr. Karl Hughes, Acting Assistant Director General (ADG) Partnerships& Impact Directorate.

Directorate staff are also engaged in providing trainings and capacity development for all stakeholders, including ICRAF staff and those of partner institutions; working to ensure that women’s critical role in agroforestry is recognized; supporting nearly a quarter million smallholder farmers in Africa's drylands areas; assessing the most effective ways to reach smallholder farmers; monitoring and evaluating the impact of ICRAF's work on the ground; managing immigration formalities and other issues for ICRAF staff; and convening and nurturing alliances to support the use of trees on farms.