Jonathan Cornelius
Regional Coordinator - Latin America

Jenny Ordoñez
Agroecological Scientist and Systems Analyst

Andrew Miccolis
Country Coordinator, Brazil

Roger Alejandro Pinedo Ramirez
Research Assistant, Tree Domestication

Geovana Carreño Rocabado
Postdoctoral Fellow

Valentina Robiglio
Landscape Ecology and Climate Change Specialist

Martin Reyes
Spatial Research Associate

Marta Suber
Research Associate

Laurène Feintrenie
Social Scientist (Geographer and Agronomist)

Olivier Deheuvels
CIRAD Researcher, seconded in ICRAF

Jason Donovan
Leader, Value Chains and Transformational Change

Trent Blare

Sarah-Lan Mathez
Postdoctoral Fellow

Javier Osorio
Regional Finance and Administration Officer

Diana Cuya
Administrative Assistant