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TitleThe Talking Toolkit: how smallholding farmers and local governments can together adapt to climate change.
EditorElisabeth Simelton, Dam Viet Bac, Robert Finlayson and Rodel D. Lasco
PublisherWorld Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) - Vietnam
City of PublicationHanoi, Vietnam
Number of Pages52
Call NumberMN0056-14
The TalkingToolkit provides participatory tools for facilititatoin farmer focus group discussions about climatic exposures, impacts, coping and adaptation strategies. The toolkit was initially developed to study the role of trees and agroforestry for adaptation and was used for supporting local government units developing adaptive land use planning and agroforestry systems. The tools have also been used by other research organisations, university students for fieldwork. This toolkit has been translated into Vietnamese to support the these user-groups.
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