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TitleLivelihood Baseline Data on Community Level (Focus Group Discussion and Profitability Analysis in Southeast Sulawesi
AuthorElok Mulyoutami, S. Suyanto, Janudianto, Endri Martini, Arif Rahmanullah, Muhammad Sofiyuddin and James M Roshetko
Report NumberReport 4
Number of Pages93
Call NumberRP00314-12
As part of Livelihood Baseline Study, this report were formed as data compilation from community and land use level data collection. Data were gathered through some series of structured discussion (mini workshop) with some groups of people who represented each community, and also semi structured interview with key informants in community level and other stakeholder. Disaggregated data between men and women were designed with expectation to identify whether gender gap can be identified.
Four villages typologies were defined in prior the data collection that were based on physical condition which lead to different main land use activities and farming practices on each area. They were:
A. Local villages, dominated by local people (Tolaki)
B. Local and long establishment migrant, local people with many migrants from the South Sulawesi
C. Long establishment migrant/transmigrant, village that were formed long time ago consist of some spontaneous migrants from the South Sulawesi and nearby transmigration villages
D. Recent migrant/ transmigrant villages
This executive summary gives a summary on some related finding by considering the village typologies as above, with four main aspects as described below.
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