South Asia Program Inception

As part of its global mandate, ICRAF established the South Asia Regional Program (SARP) in 2003, with its headquarters in New Delhi, India.

SARP covers Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It focuses on four agroecological environments: (1) the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, northeast India and Nepal, (2) the Indo-Gangetic Plains of Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan,(3) humid coastal areas of Bangladesh, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka, and (4) semi-arid lands of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.More

Trees, Money and Environment

This is a discussion program aired on Indian National TV channel DD Kisan. Dr Javed Rizvi, Director-ICRAF South Asia, Shri R B Sinha, Joint Secretary and Director Mission on Agroforestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Govt of India (GOI), Dr B Rath, Additional Commissioner, Natural Resource Management, Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, GOI and Mr Soojanye Srivastava, program Officer, Centre of Science and Environment participated in the discussion.It covered the discussion on agroforestry and income for farmers under changing climate.