Dr. Johannes Dietz

Dr. Johannes Dietz
Landscape Ecologist–Climate change

Dr. Johannes Dietz is a Landscape Ecologist – Climate change (CIM integrated expert - http://www.cimonline.de) with expertise in Climate Change Adaptation, Biomass Carbon Inventories, Forest Hydrology and Remote sensing and GIS applications. Dr. Dietz has a PhD in Forestry at the University of Goettingen, Germany (2007) and MSc in Geoecology at the University of Bayreuth, Germany (2002)

Dr. Dietz has gained working experience through research in Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. He is currently focusing his activities in carbon sequestration and climate change adaptation.

Dr. Dietz is currently leading the project Resilient Agro-landscape to
Climate Change in Tanzania (ReACCT) in EA ( http://reacctanzania.com)

And is actively involved in:

  2. Presa (http://presa.worldagroforestry.org/)
  3.  Carbon Benefits Project (CBP) in Western Kenya. See various press releases onf the project:

Email: j.dietz@cgiar.org