Science Domains

Systems Science

Smallholder farmers in the tropics have enjoyed few livelihood improvements because... more

Markets, value chains and institutions

This research area seeks answers to critical questions related to the organization of... more

Tree diversity, domestication and delivery

Deals with identifying, delivering and conserving quality tree germplasm, as well as... more

Land Health Decisions

The aim is to improve policies, strategies and plans for the prevention and... more

Environmental Services and Landscapes

The objective is to understand the relations and trade-offs between local and global... more

Climate change

The Climate Change Unit investigates the effects of trees on reducing farmers’... more


Capacity Development Unit

The global Capacity Development Unit located at our headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya... more
Gender banner

Gender in Agroforestry

Decision-making over land use is gendered, as are perceptions about environmental... more

GeoScience Lab: Landscapes Portal

The Landscapes Portal provides users with a platform for visualizing and sharing... more

Research Office

The World Agroforestry Centre's Research Office oversees the scientific research... more

Rural Advisory Services

World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) uses an action research approach to develop and... more