Environmental services

This domain is focused on understanding and promoting the benefits and sustenance of key environmental services associated with tree-based landscapes including water, soil stabilization, carbon and biodiversity. The management of these multifunctional landscapes requires mechanisms to balance: (a) goods and services; (b) short, medium and long-term objectives; and (c) efficiency and equity in the pursuit of sustainable development. It includes work on the biophysical, social and economic trade-offs and synergies in natural resource management. This includes research on hydrological functioning of tree-based landscapes and global processes. It also progresses approaches and mechanisms for efficient and fair management of ecosystem services by various stakeholder groups, whilst reviewing existing and formulating more favorable new policies. This SD coordinates and incorporates ICRAF’s contributions to the ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins (ASB).  ASB explores options for shaping land use at forest-agriculture interfaces in the humid tropics with the goal of raising the productivity and income of rural households without worsening deforestation or undermining essential environmental services.


Long term Goal

Policies and incentives are enacted that are more effective in maintaining the multi-functionality of landscapes with trees.