SII Training workshop on Allanblackia domestication


Introduction to objectives and PAPA and SGP.ppt

Participant workshop expectations.pdf

Personal action plan form (PAPA).pdf

Small grants brochure (SGP).pdf



1.1 integrated domestication overview.ppt

1.2 integrated domestication Tanzania fast track summary.doc

1.2 integrated domestication Tanzania.ppt

1.3 integrated domestication Ghana (additions).ppt

1.3 integrated domestication Ghana lecture note (additions).doc

1.3 integrated domestication Nigeria (additions).ppt

1.3 integrated domestication Nigeria lecture note (additions.doc

1.3 integrated domestication west Africa (overview and Camer.ppt

1.3 integrated domestication west Africa lecture note (overv.doc

1.4 industry perspective (with notes).ppt

1.5 biodiversity considerations lecture note.doc

1.5 biodiversity considerations.ppt

1.6 needs and approaches to diversification lecture note.doc

1.6 needs and approaches to diversification.ppt


2.1 identification collection selection lecture note.doc

2.2 and 2.3 seed germination lecture note.doc

2.2 seed germination.ppt

2.4 and 2.5 vegetative propagation lecture note.doc

2.4 vegetative propagation.PPT


3.1 nursery production lecture note.doc

3.1 nursery production.ppt


4.1 on farm management.ppt

4.2 farmer income monitoring (supporting doc).ppt

4.2 market supply chain.PPT

4.3 economic analysis (supporting doc).xls

4.3 economic incentives.ppt


5.1 concerns of farmers.ppt

5.2 perspective of nursery operators.ppt

5.4 industry overview (and plan for next days).ppt

5.5 summary and way forward.ppt


Demonstration of progress and balance.ppt

Exercise in prioritisation.doc

Final evaluation form.doc

Results of prioritisation exercise.ppt