SD4 - Land Health Decisions


To improve policies, strategies and plans for the prevention and rehabilitation of land degradation at different scales and accelerate reliable learning on sustainable landscape management.

How we Work

SD4 - Land Health Decisions focuses on two themes:

  1. Land Health Surveillance.
  2. Decision Analysis and Risk Assessment.

We also lead the flagship on strengthening Decision Analysis and Information Systems in the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems.

Jane Mwangi, Lab Technician demonstrates use of the Alpha Mid Infrared Spectrometer for soil samples analysis at Soil-Plant Spectroscopy Lab Nairobi.

Land Health Surveillance

The goal is to develop and promote improved methods for measuring and monitoring land health, assessing land health risks, and targeting interventions to improve agro-ecosystem health and human wellbeing.

Land Health Decisions runs a Soil-Plant Spectral Diagnostics Laboratory that develops and promotes rapid, low cost methods of analyzing soil and plant samples using only light.

Decision Analysis and Risk Assessment

The goal is to strengthen the use of decision sciences and risk assessment in agricultural development and deliver well-targeted information systems that reduce critical uncertainties and risks in key investment decisions facing stakeholders on improving land health and livelihoods. Downlod pdf.