Research questions

  • How can land health surveillance systems deploy modern science and technology to strengthen evidence-informed decision-making on land and agroforestry management?
  • Which remote sensing and spatial metrics and indicators are most informative for measuring and monitoring productivity, scarcity and use of land resources and indicating scope for improvement at different scales? 
  • What land and water metrics can be used as a basis for reward schemes for environmental services? Can we measure soil carbon cost effectively? 
  • How can land and water surveillance be put into routine operation and incorporated into decision making processes, from local participatory land use planning to national, regional and international policy processes?
  • What are the main environmental and behavioural risk factors associated with land degradation syndromes in the tropics and how are they distributed in relation to different settings and factors such as ecoregions and poverty levels? 
  • What are the few key risk factors that are common to several land degradation syndromes? 
  • What types of agroforestry interventions can help reduce or reverse key risk factors associated with land degradation and what are the cost efficiencies of alternative preventative and rehabilitation interventions under different circumstances?