Research questions

  • Taking into consideration emerging challenges and opportunities arising from global warming, urbanization, increased international trade, biotechnology, hidden hunger and land degradation, what innovative approaches can be developed and used to domesticate, promote and conserve high-value tree species in partnership with smallholder farmers?
  • What are the most appropriate technologies for characterizing and selecting genetic variation in agroforestry trees, taking into consideration cost effectiveness, adoption potential and tradeoffs?
  • What are the optimum ex situ, circa and in situ conservation strategies appropriate for managing and utilizing agroforestry tree genetic resources in light of current and emerging global challenges and opportunities?
  • What are the most appropriate models for supplying tree germplasm to farmers, taking into account cost effectiveness, incentives, and quality and quantity considerations at the farm and landscape levels?
  • What are the best systems and methodologies for procuring, storing, producing and distributing high-quality germplasm of priority tree species? What types of incentives are needed?