All software may have unforeseen errors and while every care has been taken with the preparation of SExI-FS we cannot guarantee that it is free from all errors. Therefore we recommend that you verify your work and make copies of this work when necessary. The software is provided for use at the owners risk. IRD and ICRAF will not be liable for any matters arising as a consequence of use or inability to use the software.

System characteristics

The program is written in Java and uses JDK 1.4 library (free ware). It runs under Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which is independent of  the platform (Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, etc.).


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Download SExI-FS 2.1-200902 (the latest)

Platform includes Java VM without Java VM
Windows Download (40 MB) Download (10 MB)
Download (8.7 MB)

User Guide SExI-FS 2.1 (Feb 2009): pdf (1.7 MB)

Download SExI-FS 1.0-200506

Platform includes Java VM without Java VM
Windows Download (24.9M) Download (11.2M)
Linux Download (44.9M) Download (11.2M)

Download Documentation

Model Documentation v2 (May07) pdf (730KB)
Calibration Procedure pdf (490KB)
User's Guidepdf (1.6MB)
Javadoc zip

Installation Instructions

Windows Instructions:

  • download the windows version
  • unzip the file sexifs-1.0-<version>
  • double click install.exe file to begin instalation intruction

Linux Instructions:

  • download the linux version
  • unzip the file sexifs-1.0-<version>


  • For <version> on instruction above, you must substitute the appropriate update version number for the notation.
  • If you do not have a Java virtual machine installed, be sure to download the package above which includes one.

Java Resources

Java Run-Time Environment (JRE)/ Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Java3D API

Update 10-06-2005

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