The Turkana experience

Kenya’s new constitution mandated devolved governance to the county level, the formulation of County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) and inclusive consultative processes in planning and budgeting. With resources provided by USAID and working in partnership with UNICEF, ICRAF, and the NDMA, the Turkana County Government carried out Phase I and chose to use the Stakeholder Approach to Risk Informed and Evidence Based Decision Making (SHARED) to refine their decision making and budget allocation process for annual plans to include: a) cross-sectoral synergies; b) data, evidence and trends using the Resilience Diagnostic and Decision Support Tooldeveloped by the ICRAF GeoScience Lab to determine priority landscape and livelihoods investments; c) collectively established criteria for testing allocations to maximize advances toward the county’s articulated resilience and development outcomes; and d) identified mechanisms for greater community engagement in data collection as well as its analysis and use in local decision making.  Using the SHARED process, the county has initiated a flagship approach for evidence based, inclusive decision-making and setting the benchmark for other counties in Kenya (see presentation).

Turkana Phase II Turkana County is a Delivering as One (DaO) county and Phase II will include other DaO agencies including FAO and WFP efforts along side UNICEF, ICRAF and NDMA. Together with the County Government, the partners have designed a Phase II, which is meant to transform multi-scale decision making to accelerate resilience impacts in Turkana County for achieving County Vision, CPF, Kenya Vision 2030 and SDGs.  Up to June 2018, this will include: a) Enhancing leadership and decision making processes for investment planning and budgeting priorities in Turkana County; b) Carrying Out Human Centred Design for Community Engagement in Decision Making; c) Enhancing Community Communications Technology Applications; d) Applying Technical Decision Support, Information and Knowledge Management for Decision Making; and e) Carrying out Monitoring and Evaluation to Track Decisions and Impacts.  The elements of Phase II and required budget are elaborated in the concept note and presentation

Scale Up

In addition to Turkana, other ASAL counties including Marsabit (also DaO), Laikipia and Baringo have already expressed an interest in using SHARED processes and tools at the community and county level for priority investments if additional resources can be found. Laikipia and Turkana Counties will be using SHARED for their CIDP revision if resources are available.   The plan and budget needs for new counties are also identified in the Phase II Presentation.  Turkana County Chief of Finance and Economic Planning presented the SHARED work to the International Dialogue on Land and Peace in Baringo during 12-14 April.  The ASAL donor group has recommended a joint meeting in Lodwar on 6 May to explore collaboration among a wider group of partners including PREG and other bilateral projects.

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