Eike Luedeling

Senior Decision Analyst

Dr. Eike Luedeling is a Senior Decision Analyst in Land Health Decisions Unit at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). Before taking this position in 2013, he worked as a Climate Change Scientist at the same institution since 2010. Eike holds a BSc degree in Organic Agriculture (University of Kassel, Germany, 2003), MSc degrees in International Ecological Agriculture (University of Kassel, Germany, 2004) and International Agricultural Development (University of California, Davis, 2005), as well as a PhD (Dr. agr.) in Agricultural Sciences (University of Kassel, Germany, 2007).

Eike has worked extensively on climate change impacts on agricultural and horticultural systems, in particular on temperate tree crops and water resources. He has published more than 65 peer-reviewed articles on these and other topics.

Eike's current work revolves around consideration of multiple uncertainties in decision-making, mainly on issues surrounding agroforestry, as well as water, land and ecosystem concerns. This work involves robust estimation of uncertainties, construction of probabilistic models and calculation of the value of information in uncertain variables.