Todd Rosenstock

Climate Change and Environmental Scientist

Todd Rosenstock is an agroecologist with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) where he investigates how smallholder agriculture affects the environment and society. In particular, Dr. Rosenstock’s research examines the synergies and trade-offs among food production, soil degradation, and climate at farm and landscape scales. His research applies observational and manipulative experiments, data synthesis, and modeling techniques to understand ways to optimize local and global benefits from agricultural systems in developing countries. Dr. Rosenstock currently works in a variety of farming systems in East Africa, including crop-livestock, agroforestry, and continuously cultivated cereals. Methods development is an integral theme of his current work. He co-leads the development of a low-cost protocol (standards of measurement) for quantifying greenhouse gas balance and identifying climate change mitigation options in smallholder systems through ICRAF'sclimate change mitigation lab.

Prior to his recent work at ICRAF, Dr. Rosenstock assessed the causes and consequences of modifying the nitrogen cycle in California, USA. He is particularly interested in integrative, multidisciplinary science that can be applied toemerging issues in coupled human-natural systems and thus is always keen to find ways to link science with public policy. Most recently, he along with others at ICARF are exploring ways to provide decision makers with the high value of information needed on uncertain factors driving farming system dynamics. Todd is trained in agricultural ecology (PhD, UC Davis), International Agricultural Development (MS, UC Davis), and horticulture (BS, University of Georgia, Athens).